The Woodmore’s are a third generation Bermudian family with a grand spirit of adventure and independence, most recently demonstrated through the establishment of the Bermuda Fudge Company. 

Grandma Mabel Woodmore, was born a Whitehead, in the Parish of St. Georges.  She met and married, James Woodmore, a very brave submariner from the Isle of Wight, who traversed the Atlantic Ocean, at the turn of the 20th century, in one of the earliest British Navel submarines, to win her heart!  Grandpa James became a policeman and they set up house in Dockyard on Ireland’s Island where they produced a rowdy and dare-devilish brood of rascals.  They all loved sports, were fearless and great friends to each other.  Maurice Woodmore, Sarah’s Dad, apprenticed at the Bermuda Dockyard as an electrician.  Sidney Woodmore, Sarah’s uncle, became the youngest Bermudian to become a Chief Engineer for the Furness Whithey Cruise Line on both the Queen of Bermuda and the Ocean Monarch.  Elsie, Eddie, Harry and Colin rounded out the gang.

Sarah Woodmore Burrows carries on that independent and entrepreneurial spirit today with the Bermuda Fudge Company, based in Dockyard, a stone’s throw away from where her grandparents lived and her father grew up.  She takes pride in her roots, has raised two sons who both appreciate their Bermudian heritage and plan to return home after pursuing their career aspirations and now Sarah wants to share all that is flavorful about her beloved island with you, through her delicious fudge!  Bermuda Fudge Co has grown into a family business with help from her brother, Maurice, sister-in-law Thea and husband, Michael.  

This year will see the added line of chocolates filled with our delicious fudge.


Telephone: 1.441.29F.UDGE